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Sable Inspired By Mojave Ghost - Intense Concentration


Here at Parfumery, we've created more than just one of the best Mojave Ghost dupes. We've used the latest reverse-osmosis techniques to get you a quality scent inspired by the hit Byredo fragrance, Mojave Ghost. Best of all we've also boosted performance to create an intense concentration of the hit classic.

Being one of the most notable scents from the brand, the wonderful concoction of feminine violet and florals, musks and powdery facets ensures a unique yet inoffensive wear. The best part -you can save yourself a huge 90% on the retail price and smell good with Sable, inspired by Mojave Ghost.

Sable (Inspired by Byredo Mojave Ghost) Notes

Top Notes


Ambrette/Musk mallow

The top notes of Sable are simple. It opens with the facet of a rare fruit - Sadopilia. This is green and fruity with a slight touch of tartiness. You'll also get a burst of musky freshness to add some punch and depth to this exciting and invigorating start.

Heart Notes




The opening of this perfume dies down within a few minutes and the wonderful, feminine leaning mid starts to appear. Flowery notes of magnolia and violet start to work their way into the scent, with woody sandalwood providing an earthy, strong backbone for these florals to shine. The heart of Sable smells soft and slightly powdery with a clean edge.

Base Notes



Sable dries down very reminiscent of Mojave Ghost. You'll find a powdery, musky ambergris - a form of amber - as well as a woody cedar. The florals from the heart are still present and together with the base you're left with a lingering, soft, clean, musky scent that will sit close to you for the remainder of Sables' duration.



The projection of Sable is around arm's length when the fragrance is in full swing. You'll get this projection for the first few hours of the scent. As time goes on, Sable will slowly draw close to your skin and thanks to the sandalwood, ambergris, and cedar notes this skin scent lasts.


Just like Mojave Ghost, the fragrance Sable is inspired by, you won't find this fragrance too overwhelming and perfect for casual, day-to-day wear. It has moderate longevity - between 3-6 hours depending upon how it works with your skin. As with all fragrances, you can simply spray your clothes to add longevity if you need it.


Finally, we have the scent trail that is left with Sable. As with the projection, you'll be surrounded by a perfume bubble that smells captivating for a good few hours until Sable starts to die down.

Why Buy Sable?

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