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Violet Inspired By Blanche - Intense Concentration


Are you looking for a strong fragrance that's more than just a Byredo Blanche dupe? Well, look no further. With the incredible fresh laundry smell that the fragrance is known for, you'll be smelling fresh and clean all day with Violet - Thanks to our potent intense concentration formulation.

With a range of woodsy notes balanced with clean florals, it's easy to see why this is one of the most popular perfumes we have. The best thing? Our inspiration lasts longer than the original thanks to the fact we use a high perfume oil concentration.

Violet (Inspired by Byredo Blanche) Notes

Top Notes



Pink pepper

Violet opens up with a huge, fresh, clean blast of clean aldehydes. This is the main note through the whole fragrance and what gives it the charm. Along with these aldehydes, you have a clean rose and some spicy pink pepper. All of these facets combine into a floral, fresh, and clean opening that smells incredibly unique making one of the best Blanche dupes around.

Heart Notes



African Orange Flower

As the top calms down, you get into the mid of the fragrance. This is where even more floral facets come into the mix including the lovely peony and orange flower. The clean notes of the aldehydes still come through though so the scent still has that clean washing smell.

Base Notes


Woodsy Notes


After a few hours, the base will come through. The scent will be more of a skin scent at this point but you'll still be able to detect the aldehydes from the very top. Along with those, you'll have a soft musk that makes its appearance as well as supporting woody facets and sandalwood to add a backbone. There's also a touch - just a touch - of sweetness that smells almost like a soft vanilla.



The projection of this fragrance is well above average and it stays that way for a few hours. When the fragrance dies down the scent will gradually move into a skin-based fragrance for the remainder of its life. All in all, expect stellar performance that's perfect for a casual day out or any other situation.


You'll have a fresh, clean sillage following you around whilst Violet is projecting. The fragrance is well known for the pleasant trail that you leave - it's one of the reasons people love Byredo Blanche!


Longevity is no problem - you'll get a solid few hours with the perfume projecting a solid foot plus around you. As the day goes on you'll notice the perfume slowly fade into a more personal bubble. As always, spray a few spritzes on your clothes to make the smell last longer!