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The Best Creed Virgin Island Water Dupes & Alternatives

The Best Creed Virgin Island Water Dupes & Alternatives

There are lots of great options from the Creed fragrances, for both men and women. Creed Virgin Island water is one of the most popular fragrances from Creed. This fragrance is extremely popular, especially in the summer. The coconut scent that this fragrance opens is very unique. However, due to Creed Virgin Island water being from an expensive brand, it is very expensive. Luckily in this article, we will dive into the best available Creed Virgin Island Water clone. We will cover scents that are inspired by it and ones that smell incredibly similar.

The fragrance was launched in 2007, Virgin Island Water by Creed is viable for all genders.

Below is 7 of The Best Creed Virgin Island Water Clones Available in 2023:

1) Noix - Best Creed Virgin Island Water Clone

Creed virgin island Water clone

If you are looking for a fragrance that is heavily inspired by Creed Virgin Island Water, then look no further than Noix. This fragrance replicates the woody notes and the coconut lime breeze perfectly. The citrus aromatic scent within this fragrance is very similar to Creed Virgin Island Water.

If you are into perfume dupes at a cheaper cost, then Noix is certainly one that you should check out. This fragrance also lasts as long as Virgin Island Water, meaning the sea notes, rum, cocnut and floral notes will last just as long, just like with the original.

2) Marcelle by Marie Jeanne

Another cheaper alternative recommendation is the Marcelle by Marie Jeanne. The fragrance by Marcelle contains citrus notes and lime verbena just like with the original, minus the strong coconut. The smell is really reminiscent of the Caribbean sea as you can tell from its name.

The scent is a very tropical scent with incredible green notes that will leave you wanting more. However, we did find with this fragrance that it does not last as long as Noix, hence it ranks 2nd on our list.

3) Lukomoire By Carner

If you are in love with Virgin Island Water, then we really recommend this fragrance by Carner It contains nearly identical notes from a creed fragrance ecept with a juicy blackcurrant instead of the coconut. It really replicates the musk and vanilla notes well though. One of the reasons why people love VIW so much is the exotic-ness. This fragrance is very exotic with many middle notes that you can explore, this is a new fragrance that has just hit the market.

It has reports of being a bit weak though, so you may need to overspray with this onet. It also comes at a high cost of around £100 dependent on the retailer

4) Gorse By Laboratory Perfumes

Launched in 2012 a fragrance that works for both sexes. Its scent is very similar to Creed Virgin Island Water. The citrus aromatic fragrance is very strong creating a beautiful coconut lime breeze scent, except with a more lemon edge. This is a great scent for the summer. It has great longevity and beautiful woody notes with coconut lime.

5) CK One Summer Daze By Calvin Klein

If you are looking for a cheaper fragrance that smells similar to Virgin Island Water. It is a Citrus-based fragrance that can be worn by both sexes. It's missing the exotic lime note but has an addictive kumquat instead and is suitable for all genders. This price is what makes this fragrance even better as it is very cheap - a lot cheaper than Virgin Island Water.

6) St. Barts Men By Tommy Baham

Tommy Bahama's is an exotic citrusy scent that contains notes of a sugar cane, and also a Hawaii volcano. This fragrance is inspired by Virgin Island Water. With its progressive blend of island-inspired scents great for those who want to wear it in an informal setting. The Hawaii volcano scent is what makes this fragrance unique. Its missing the orange blossom and instead smells like a margaritha, leaving you wanting more and more, it smells just like a Fiji paradise! Tommy Bahama is certainly a great brand if you are looking for dupes!

7) Second Skin By Anna ZworyKina

Second Skin By Anna ZworyKina


If you are looking for a 'dark' version of Virgin Island Water then this fragrance is certainly one to take a look at. Launched in 201, It has beautiful citrus notes just like the original. It must be said that this fragrance is quite expensive though, coming in at around £9 -  but still a lot cheaper than the original Creed Virgin Island Water. It also has some fruity notes and Indian jasmine that are just as good as the original.


Virgin Island Water by Creed is a prestigious scent that is based on the Caribbean Sea. Luckily the fragrances within this list provide great alternatives that come at a cheaper price point than the original without sacrificing quality.

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