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The Best Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka Dupes 2024

The Best Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka Dupes 2024
Jo Malone Myrrh and Tonka is a trendy fragrance, in fact, one of the more dominant fragrances in the industry by Jo Malone. However, due to it being created by Jo Malone London, it comes with a higher price tag. In this blog post, we will discuss only the best Jo Malone myrrh and Tonka dupes that are available right now, and of course at a cheaper price poin. They all have a similar style and some even with the same aroma.

1) Tonka - Best Myrrh and Tonka Dupe

jo malone myrrh and tonka dupe

If you are looking for the best fragrance that smells exactly like Jo Malone's Myrrh and Tonka, then look no further than Tonka, the best Myrhh and Tonka alternative

This fragrance is inspired by Myrrh & Tonka and it's easy to sense. It easily replicates all of the warm and lovely tones that the original has. It contains almond notes and lavender, ensuring that every spray lasts just as long as its original counterpart.

The reason why it ranks 1st on our list is that it smells very similar and comes in at a very reasonable cost ofunder £20, making it great for those who love cheap perfume dupes.

2) Tonkade

Tonkade - Laboratorio


Tonkade by Laboratoria is a fragrance that comes at a cheap cost of £55. It has an incredible scent of Tonka Bean and lovely notes of vanilla within its perfumes. It creates a substitute that is looking for a Myrrh Tonka alternative at a great combustion. 

If you are looking for another inspired by Myrhh Tonka fragrance, then this fragrance is a great candidate. It has used the correct compositions that can be found within the Myrrh Tonka original, just with the tonka dialled up. This includes includes an amber like scent of almond and vanilla, aswell as a Tonka Bean sweetness.

This fragrance comes a numerous bottle sizes which will allow you to try this fragrance in a smaller size before you commit to a bigger bottle. Tonkade is perfect for those who love a slightly zesty and warm fragrance. It makes a great fragrance to wear on an evening.


All of these dupes and alternatives will provide you with an opportunity to use this Tonka bean-based perfume at a cheaper price point than the original. If you are looking for an alternative to Jo Malone Myrhh and Tonka then the fragrances within this list will certainly provide you with exactly that.

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