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Best Chanel No 5 Dupes in 2024

Best Chanel No 5 Dupes in 2024

Chanel No 5 is one of the most popular designer scents available and with that comes the big price tag. This eau de toilette is known for its classic scent, which is a unique floral blend that is certainly popular on the high street

Chanel No 5 is an iconic scent that has even been worn by the famous Marilyn Monroe which on record it is known to be her favourite fragrance. This designer fragrance contains beautiful notes such as jasmine, rose and even lilies of the valley, creating a unique scent profile and one of the greatest eau de toilette to ever hit the market.

While we would all love to liberally spritz ourtselves with Chanel No 5, it can often be expensive as we mentioned above. Luckily, we have put together the best perfume dupes for this iconic signature scent.

Looking for perfume dupes has never been easier - it's a great way to save money as you can simply try out your favourite fragrances for a fraction of the cost. We have already done a list of the best YSL Black Opium dupes - why not check it out if you are a fan of YSL Black Opium? this is a must-read. YSL's Black Opium is another popular fragrance in the industry and has the same popularity as NO5.

Our Favorite No. 5 Perfume Dupes

Below is a list of all the best eau de toilette that are similar to or even inspired by  No 5. These fragrances will provide you with a fragrance that is like No 5, but at a fraction of the cost. Below are the Best UK Perfume Dupes Available for No 5.

1) Ambre - Best Chanel No 5 Dupe

Chanel no 5 dupe - Ambre

Click the image to check out Ambre now!

Ambre is the perfect fragrance if you are looking for the ultimate no 5 dupe. This product has managed to replicate all of the top notes and base notes, making it the best affordable alternative on this list.

What is even better about this fragrance is that within its formula it has managed to make it last as long as the original, making it a great alternative to the No 5 that you would find on the high street. It's one of the best eau de toilette on this list, Replicating the Violet Leaf notes beautifully.

2) Body Shop Wild Jasmine

Wild Jasmine

Wild Jasmine that is created by the body shop is another great no 5 dupe. It contains stunning blends of orange blossom and velvet rose that all come together to make a beautiful eau de toilette.

It comes in a bit less intense than No 5, but is certainly still an affordable alternative that comes from a reputable brand. We loved that it has a beautiful summery feel and would make this perfect for those summery months.

3) M&S Discover Velvet

M&S Discover Velvet

Fresh off the press is Discover Velvet by the famous supermarket M&S. This fragrance is a great alternative to No5, creating beautiful floral amber notes just like the original one.

What is great about this No 5 dupe is that it has a lot of staying power and will stick to your skin for a long time, making it very long-lasting. It also comes with a very cheap price tag, so you can wear it for all occasions without worrying. this makes it one of the best and most cost-effective eau de toilettes on this list.

M&S's Discover Velvet is certainly one of the best fragrances on this list, creating a beautiful aroma and a devisive scent for a fraction of the cost.


As you would expect the eau de toilette from this high class brand comes at a high price just like Coco Chanel - thats why it's got such a high rating on Fragrantica. The cost of No. 5 is dependent on the size of the bottle of course.

All of the fragrances on this list will provide you with a great alternative. We have conducted an enormous amount of research to bring you the best dupe fragrances available right now.

You can often find dupes at popular stores such as Zara, even Lidl now offers their own Lidl perfume range which all offer cheaper alternatives. The only downside with these is the quality doesn't quite match up to the fragrances on this list.

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