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Best Mojave Ghost Fragrance Alternatives

Best Mojave Ghost Fragrance Alternatives

Best Mojave Ghost Dupe in 2023

Mojave Ghost is a trendy fragrance from the company Byredo, which offers a unique amber floral fragrance and is highly known as a luxury perfume.

However, it also comes with a very expensive price tag. On this page, you will find the best fragrance similar to Mojave Ghost and you will be able to see the best list of perfume dupes for Mojave Ghost.

10 Best Mojave Ghost Alternatives

1) Sable - Best Mojave Ghost Dupe

best Mojave Ghost dupe

If you are looking for the ultimate Mojave ghost dupe, then Sable is one to really take a look at. This fragrance - made ith a 25% perfume oil concentration - replicates all of the rare notes aswell as the green notes perfectly, giving off the powdery violet aroma.

Sable lasts a lot longer than other perfumes on this list, this fragrance is an excellent fragrance and comes in at a very cheap price in comparison to the other dupes on this list. Sable is not too overpowering and creates a beautiful desert landscape smell just like the original - without the high price tag.

2) 1981 - Guess

4) 1981 - Guess

1981 is a popular fragrance by the designer brand Guess. This is certainly a cheaper option, however unlike the other fragranceson this list, this is not an inspired by range - it is simply its own product. There are plenty of similarities though and this is why it makes this list.

1981 has a less floral smell and is more of a body spray, boasting an extravagant prickly pear smell that lingers on your skin for a while. It certainly includes beautiful musk mallow that is hard to find in a perfume similar to Mojave Ghost.

A very feminine scent that is reminiscent of a rose and that does not break the bank, we recommend this fragrance especially if you are on a budget.

3) Santal Glow - Zara

5) Santal Glow - Zara

Santal Glow is next up, which has now unfortunately been discontinued by the brand. However, it can still be found on popular platforms such as eBay and even sometimes Amazon. This Byredo Mojave ghost alternative is a great candidate if you find it.

It certainly is not an exact match to Mojave Ghost, but this perfume is very very close. It has a strong sandalwood & spun sugar scent, which is soft and clean and will give you a fresh long-lasting floral finish.

However, the musk mallow is lacking slightly, not creating the musky woody scent that the original boasts.

4) Nirvana - French Grey

6) Nirvana - French Grey

Nirvana Grey is not a 1-1 perfume similar to Mojave Ghost, but there a a lot of similar similarities that make it hit this list.

This fragrance does smell similar to Mojave Ghost and has that sweet muskiness that you associate with the original, just a slightly weaker and toned-down version. It contains a blend of neroli and lavender, bringing it to a rose ambrette closure, that reminds you of freshly shampooed hair.

5) Chance - Eau Tendre

7) Chance - Eau Tendre

Chance Eau Tendre By Chanel, shares the same vibe as Byredo Mojave Ghost, but it isn't an exact match to it. The base Virginia cedar is very similar to Mojave Ghost, this floral fragrance is slightly different though.

If you are looking for a cheap Mojave Ghost alternative then Eau tendre is certainly a fragrance that gives off similar vibes to its original counterpart and comes from the big house brand Chanel. A great alternative for those looking for a similar feel to Mojave Ghost.

6) Memoire d’une Odeur by Gucci.

8) Memoire d’une Odeur by Gucci.

Another fragrance that is similar to Mojave Ghost. It is not a direct comparison but its smell is quite certainly similar to Mojave Ghost.

Boasting clean aromas, with this floral fragrance by Gucci you'll get more green notes with a slightly bitter scent of magnolia and musky notes. It contains sweet and smooth almond, with hints of jasmine and grapefruit, creating an intoxicating perfume.

7) Poirier d’un Soir by Miller Harris

9) Poirier d’un Soir by Miller Harris

This fragrance by Miller Harris boasts an incredible pear-based scent and hints of blackcurrant - two highlights of this incedible scent.

It is a bit sweeter than Mojave Ghost as it contains sugary notes and wears lighter, making it a great fragrance for those who like things a bit more toned down.

8) Daisy - Marc Jacobs

Daisy Marc Jacobs

If you're looking for a similar fragrance, then Daisy by Marc Jacobs may hit the right spot. It comes in with sensual woody floral notes and you can expect both Mojave Ghost and this to have great quality.

Like Mojave Ghost, it is not overpowering and it's just the correct strength, making it an excellent fragrance that can be used on a daily basis and not just for the evening.


When looking for a fragrance that is similar to Mojave Ghos, you will want fragrances that feature warm notes of cedar and sandalwood and other woody facets. Violet is also a dominant note in Mojave Ghost.

Rest Assured all of the dupes within this list provide a great alternative to Mojave Ghost vibe, and we are certain you will find the right product for you. This list combines the best inspired by range and scents that provide a great alternative to Mojave Ghost.

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