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The Best Byredo Blanche Dupes Available in 2024

The Best Byredo Blanche Dupes Available in 2024

Byredo Blanche is certainly an icon when it comes to clean smelling fragrances. This fragrance is heavily known for its long-lasting scent, with smells reminiscent of fresh laundry. Its notes can come across as quite pungent aswell, containing base notes of musks and sandalwood and heart notes of peony and violet.

However, Byredo Blanche can often be expensive. We have researched all of the best dupes that have a smell that is very similar to Byredo Blanche, with the caveat being a lower cost.

All of the dupe fragances on this list are inspired by Byredo Blanche and some of these perfumes smell similar but slightly different. It all depends on what your preferences are when it comes to dupe perfumes.

1) Violet - Best Byredo Blanche Dupe

Byredo Blanche dupe

If you're looking for the best dupe for Byredo Blanche, then Violet is certainly one to take a look at. It is heavily inspired by Byredo Blanche and smells exactly like it. The rose notes of this fragrance are really something to behold and it topes the list due to it being inspired by the original fragrance.

This fragrance also replicates the pink pepper immaculately. We also found it to be very long-lasting just like the original.

2) Above The Clouds - H&M

Above The Clouds

Above the Clouds is another great alternative. This perfume replicates the musky notes extremely well, with a slight touch of rose florals that gives it that fresh feel. Above the Clouds will make you want to go to bed thanks to its replicated scent of fresh bedding just like the original.

What's great about this perfume is that it is from a trusted brand - H&M - and comes in at a very cheap price. This combo is why it ranks highly when it comes to a Byredo Blanche alternative.

3) Toy 2 - Moschino

Toy 2 Moschino

TOY 2 from the high-end brand Moschino is another scent that is reminiscent of fresh laundry. The notes in this fragrance are based on a granny smith apple. It has a very sweet opening that's slightly mellowed down by a soft woody rose scent.

Toy 2 comes in a beautiful perfume bottle and if you are in search of a similar scent to Byredo Blanche, then this fragrance is certainly one to ponder.

4) Richness - ByBozo

Richness ByBozo

Richness ByBozo is a great perfume clones when it comes to Byredo balance. This clone replicates the rose floral notes extremely well. Released in 2021, its popularity and grown immensely. This fragrance was certainly made with longevity in mind as it lasts a very long time.

The top notes are very floral. This is a compliment magnet thanks to a smell that is very beautiful, and whats great is that it comes in at a pretty cheap price!


Byredo Blanche is a wonderful perfume, that will certainly enhance your confidence, without being too daunting or overwhelming. We're certain you will find a great dupe on this list - one that replicates the tones and scents of the famous Byredo balance for a fraction of the cost.

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