The Best Creed Aventus For Her Dupes in 2023

The Best Creed Aventus For Her Dupes in 2023

Creed Aventus is an amazing perfume While wearing you will certainly get so many compliments. However with this comes the hefty price, with Creed and its outstanding fragrances in its product line.

If you are looking to save money but want to smell like Creed Aventus for her, we have put together a list of the best Creed Aventus for her dupe, that will have the same longevity and smell similar but for a fraction of the price, and incredible if you are looking for that powerful women smell. C

Creed Aventus for her is highly recommended however it is very expensive, we have a list of the best perfumes that are similar at an affordable price.

1) Verte - Best Creed Adventus For Her Dupe

Verte is an excellent fragrance that is heavily inspired by Creed Aventus. This perfume smells amazing and contains the exact fruity aroma that the original has. The fruity scent will also last as long as the original.

If you are looking for the best dupe of the original, then this is probably the best one on the market hence the reason it ranks 1st on our list.

2) L'Aventure Femme By Al Haramain Perfumes

L'Aventure Femme By Al Haramain Perfumes

Just like with Aventus for her, this dupe boasts incredible fruity oakmoss with a musky baseline.

The opening has been executed perfectly with this fragrance. The layers contain woody and citrusy fruits, it also contains the smell of ylang ylang this fragrance is certainly one of adventure and another one of the great inspired by Aventus on this list.

This fragrance by Al Haramain is also very cheap compared to Aventus by her and even some of the other fragrances in this list.

3) Cleopatra By Alexandria Fragrances

Cleopatra By Alexandria Fragrances

Cleopatra is a great citrusy fragrance that contains Green apple, pink pepper and Bergamot and is perfectly executed in this fragrance. It contains the same woody and floral fragrances as the original. This is certainly a fragrance you should try especially if you are on a budget.

The duration of this wonderful scent is also fantastic and a huge reason why it ranks so highly on our list.

4) Fruity Oakmoss - By Dossier


Fruity Oakmoss - By Dossier

This fragrance by Dossier is a great alternative and a great reason why it ranks highly on our list. The fragrance contains lovely fruity notes which creates a fresh scent that is very similar to the original. It comes in a very distinct bottle.

The opening notes of this fragrance are very exotic with a sophisticated finish as it contains a beautiful berry medley that is very distinct.

5) Senorita By Alt

Senorita By Alt

A lovely fragrance that smells amazing and a fragrance that you must try once, it comes in a basic bottle, but ALT is certainly a credible brand, which is very popular within the United States, making it one of the best Creed Aventus for her dupe on this list. Creating an elusive fresh scent that is reminiscent of pink pepper.

It is also very cheap making it perfect for everyday wear and a great option over a different other fragrance, certainly one of the best budget-friendly dupes within this list, a perfect addition to your collection.

6) Qasamat Rasani By Rasasi

Qasamat Rasani By Rasasi

This fragrance is very similar to the Creed Aventus female version and has beautiful middle notes of black currant. Its top notes also contain green apple and bergamot. This scent is very rich and long-lasting, only needing one spritz to get the smell going.

This is a scent that will certainly make you feel confident, whats great about this fragrance is that it has a sweet touch as it is extremely well packaged and has beautiful middle notes.

7) Afnan By Supremacy

Afnan By Supremacy

Afnan Supremacy is a very good scent that has beautiful Indonesian patchouli, with a beautiful dry down that is unique it is one of the best clones, on the market.

This fragrance is great for multiple occasions with a natural smell and has been directly inspired by Creed Aventus.


It can often be hard to find a similar scent for Creed Aventus for her, it is an extremely elegant and illuding scent. As stated previously this fragrance is very expensive.

If you're in the market for a dupe or a smell a like then we are certain the fragrances on this list will provide you with a great alternative to the original.

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