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The Best Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Dupes 2024

The Best Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Dupes 2024

Good Girl Gone Bad is one of the more popular fragrances from the iconic high-end brand Kilian. It is incredibly floral and contains sweet notes that create a unique aromatic scent.When fragrances come from a high-end brand, they tend to be expensive - and Good Girl Gone bad is certainly no exception. In this blog post, we will discuss and break down the best alternatives and dupe perfumes that come at a fraction of the cost.

Below are the best 5 Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Dupes currently on the market:

1) Narcisse - Best Overall Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Dupe

best kilian good girl gone bad dupe

If you truly want to step into the world of Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad at a fraction of the cost, look no further than Narcisse. This is the closest interpretation of the original and is directly inspired by Kilian's Good Girl Gone Bad

Containing an exotic mix of white flowers and sweeter notes to create a scent that is irresistible. It truly captures the facets of brown sugar and even Indian tuberose, screaming the aromas of the original. It creates such a good representation of the original due to the reverse osmosis technology used, which makes it hard to tell the difference between the two.

If you are looking for an incredibly close dupe then Narcisse is your safest bet.

2) The Queen Of Sheeba

The Queen of Sheeba is gaffordable and a pretty good clone of GGGB. The likenes is due due to it containing similar notes of orange blossom and white flowers. The opening is slightly weak, however it is still a great dupe to check out if you are looking for a solid dupe or even a great perfume in its own right.

It must be said that this fragrance is quite expensive, especially in comparison to the more budget-friendly options within this list.

3) Kismet


If you are looking for a Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad Alternative, then Kismet for Women is an excellent choice. The main difference is that Good Girl Gone Bad has more wild green notes, especially within its opening.

The dry-down is close and contains the likes of amber, rose and tuberose. If you are looking for an alternative and not directly in the market for a dupe, then Kismet is highly recommended, great for evening wear.

4) Marbella - Carner

This fragrance does not directly replicate the original, but it shares some similar characteristics as the original, that's for sure.

This one is a lot more delicate and not as potent. It still manages to capture the notes of tuberose and jasmine effectively. A different interpretation, but as stated previously a great alternative in its own lane. It even contains an osmanthus top, which is what the original is famous for.

You can't go wrong with fragrances by Carner as they have an incredible lineup of scents that are certainly worth checking out.

5) Pleine Lune - By Bastille

If you like bold fragrances and close invitations, then this fragrance is worth checking out. It contains tuberose and flowery notes which are similar to the original. With fruity outbursts interweaved with musk, sandalwood and peach.

However, again it must be stated that it is not a direct dupe but still has some major similarities. It comes in at an expensive price point that may you be put off by depending on your budget.

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