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The Best Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Dupes 2024

The Best Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Dupes 2024

Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille is one of the most popular sweet vanilla scents on the market. It has beautiful base notes and gorgeous top notes of tobacco, and  the scent is long-lasting whilst creating a beautiful spicy sweet aroma. You're bound to receive many compliments wearing this due to the luxurious perfume scent that it portrays.

However, this iconic fragrance is very expensive coming in at around £250 depending on the retailer. Luckily after extensive research, we have found the best alternatives that come in at a much cheaper price point than the original.

Below are the best Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille dupes and alternatives currently on the market for 2024:

1) Ivoire - Best Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Dupe

best tobacco vanille dupe

Ivoire introduces you to the realm of true Tobacco and Vanilla. Created by using the latest reverse osmosis technology allowing you to receive a scent just like the original fragrance. The tonka bean within this fragrance is very strong, sweet, dry and smoky, and allows the fragrance to prosper, a smell that is almost 1:1 with the original TV.

Ivoire is incredibly long-lasting like the original and makes a fragrance that is suitable to wear for any occasion - especially at night or during the colder months. If you are looking to try TV at a fraction of the cost then this dupe is certainly what you are looking for as it truly captures the original aroma. The fragrance ingredients are also animal cruelty-free.

2) Cremo - Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne Spray

Cremo Spice and Black Vanilla is an incredibly popular dupe when it comes to Tobacco Vanille. This warm fragrance introduced strong musky pepper notes and sweet vanilla, creating a true scent that is not overpowering. You can't go wrong with this alternative and proof is in the pudding with its sales and popularity. This cologne spray is very popular and comes in at an incredibly cheap price point. The only big downside is the longevity, it's far weaker than the original.

3) Dior - Fahrenheit

Dior Fahenheit is a twist of on the popular fragrance by Tom Ford. This one removes the tobacco and adds in an almost gasoline like note, resulting in a combustion of warm, spicy and woody notes that will leave a long-lasting aroma.

This fragrance caters for evening wear, however we believe that this fragrance is just as good for all occasions. An alternative to check out, due to its incredibly cheaper price point!

4) L’Occitane Eau des Baux Perfume

This incredible fragrance captures the true scent of TV. It includes a more robust vanilla profile and even includes the likes of Cypress that help its earthy aroma to flourish. It comes with a premium bottle, and the actual aroma scream luxury.

However it does come at a price point and is the most expensive product on this list, coming in at around £85, hence the reason it ranks last on our list - still a good choice by all means, that's for sure!


That wraps up the top 4 dupes for this popular fragrance. The UK Dupe Perfumes in this list all provide a great way to try your favourite fragrance at a fraction of the cost. These perfumes are the best in the market and all smell similar to the original. You can't go wrong with these fragrances as they come from incredibly reputable brands when it comes to dupes.

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